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MLP: Cupcakes progress

2011-10-15 13:04:19 by MikeandTreyVideo

With great support from the brony community and awesome backgrounds from DeftWise-Zero, I may actually be able to release this by tuesday (if i can finish it this weekend and do some cleaning up).

I would wet my pants if this was featured on Equestria Daily when it's finished, but that's just me being an attention whore.

MLP: Cupcakes progress


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2011-10-15 13:42:58

Take your time and make this great.


2011-10-15 15:22:11

I'm sure it's gonna turn out great, I can't wait!
I don't think it'll get featured on ED though, seeing as only a few people like the gory stuff.


2011-10-15 23:15:40

Oh fuck, and I thought you gave up on this! I salute you brony.
And for the EqD thing, if it's high enough quality, Seth will post it. He won't like it, but he'll post it.

And on a slightly related note, I just regained my ability to eat cupcakes again. Better enjoy it while it lasts...


2011-10-16 08:29:28

MLP sucks! And its gay...

MikeandTreyVideo responds:

You cannot fathom how many bronies are laughing at you right now.


2011-10-16 09:30:35



2011-10-16 20:32:06

Despite my opinion on MLP and the abysmal community, I have to commend you for beating my two awful brony acquaintances to the punch.

For the love of god, make sure it's damn good so they drop their shitty version.

MikeandTreyVideo responds:

is it really that shitty?

Also, there are bits and pieces in this thing that I'm surprised I was able to do. They seem like they're out of my skill level. (ex: first-person hammer striking)


2011-10-22 10:42:51

I saw your movie in the Flash Portal. Why didn't you make a News Post to announce it?

MikeandTreyVideo responds:

you're only allowed to post to the front page once every 2 weeks. Used it up earlier this week with this post.


2011-10-23 10:01:17




2012-01-09 22:48:09

LOL don't listen to Denegoth He trolls on my News Posts to or used to.