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Cupcakes is finished... or is it?

2011-10-23 20:13:20 by MikeandTreyVideo

So Cupcakes is finally finished and, from what I can tell, it's the only animated adaption currently released. I know that some others are doing it too, but I beat them in this race >:D

It could've been better but I rushed right through it. Maybe I'll redo it for next year. Get ahold of those two voice actresses who did Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash in that toon "Epic Cupcake Time" (it's awesome btw) and get into more gory details.

Until then, I'm back on the VG Cats animated scene and working on number 5. The Xmas special is already done and will be released December 1st.

(I need to remind Omahdon that I need his end of the year message.)

Cupcakes is finished... or is it?


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2011-10-24 21:53:06

its k the deadline is understandable and im glad u see errors (sign of good animator) and if you actually want to redo these you always have a fukk year to do it... also nuclear rage incoming lol


2011-10-26 14:45:41

Why is it that it took you a week or so after the release to remind us?

MikeandTreyVideo responds:

remind you of what?


2011-10-27 19:26:29

that last flash you did was brilliant hope to see more like it.


2011-10-29 15:58:14

Remind us that the Cupcakes video was up LONG after it really was.


2011-10-31 20:10:58

I really like your cupcake pony flash thing even though it was a bit scary. O.O


2011-11-06 22:45:18

Sweet apple acres massacre fanfic... nuff said


2011-11-08 23:25:46

Good to know that Cupcakes animation was rushed and thus not as good as you could do, See my review.