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Doctor Whooves and the Assistant

2011-11-12 18:23:27 by MikeandTreyVideo

After receiving some extremely helpful advice from 47times (creator of "Epic Cupcake Time"), I've decided to put his advice to practice by attempting a full animated adaptation of the popular audio series "Doctor Whooves and the Assistant."

However, I won't start the project until I've finished VG Cats Animated 6. I'm nearly done with VGC5 and may release it next week. I suspect I'll start the Dr. Whooves project in February. If I finish that on time, I'll get started on working on a longer, fully voiced, directly adapted version of "Cupcakes." As tired as the fanfic is, it's still entertaining. So sue me.

Doctor Whooves and the Assistant


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2011-11-12 19:02:02

Sounds interesting. I'm more exited for even more VG cats though. Also, for a voiced version of Cupcakes, will there probably be alot of dialogue or very little?


2011-11-12 19:15:24

BTW, Planning a Remake to a video you've made very recently.



2011-11-13 09:25:44

Thundabewm flooded skype with ponys, abandon all ships


2011-11-13 09:58:40

so excited for this one!


2011-11-13 16:41:56

An adaptation of 'Cupcakes' sounds like the worst thing I've ever heard in my entire life.

I can't wait!


2011-11-21 13:05:04

You can't go wrong with ponies. Cupcakes was great, very spooky and an excellent addition to Newgrounds. I'm interested to see how well this project turns out.

After you animate the Hooves' side story, you should definitely consider animating the Vinyl Scratch Tapes. Just something to think about.


2011-11-23 12:43:23

YES. Your work in VG cats as well as the MLP stuff on the side is amazing. Please keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to Doctor whooves, and especially......Cupcakes.


2011-11-30 22:54:21

nNO n


2012-01-09 22:44:20

Dr. Whooves isn't his Official name actually. Sorry but unless you know more about MLP than I do then you can't say anything about MLP that is Fan Based. Her name is Ditzy Doo.

MikeandTreyVideo responds:

no shit, sherlock.


2012-01-16 06:27:56

Balddumborat is awesome, trust me I've got her on skype XD. Anyway, can't wait for Dr. Whooves and assistant.


2012-01-27 21:17:55

Dude, grow up and get a life! It's really pathetic to see grown men literally obsessed with a 5 year-olds's cartoon. It's okay to like the show, but you people are taking it WAY to far and seriously.

MikeandTreyVideo responds:

eesh, sounds like someone isn't secure in their masculinity.