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Doctor Whooves is done!

2012-03-18 15:08:09 by MikeandTreyVideo

So I finally finished Doctor Whooves the other day and I think it turned out great!

Still having issues with the youtube version and adding the intro (since the video file is too large to upload to newgrounds).


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2012-03-18 15:50:30

All of my yes, watching immediately!


2012-03-18 17:33:58

Dr. Whooves was awesome :3


2012-03-19 14:32:54

You should definitely submit this to Equestria Daily if you haven't already. This is fantastically done.

MikeandTreyVideo responds:

Someone beat me to it. :D


2012-03-20 07:45:03

Awesome work dude.