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Next Halloween Project

2012-03-21 17:18:12 by MikeandTreyVideo

Okay, so now that Doctor Whooves is done, it's time for me to select a halloween project to start on in June. (I plan to start and finish the 2nd Doctor Whooves in May)

My interests are animated adaptations of Carnival Cat or Rainbow Factory.

I'm particularly fond of Carnival Cat. Currently recording the lyrics with my sis and various other vocalists. If you're an alto I could definitely use you.


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2012-03-24 21:12:24

Awesome to hear the next episode will be finished in May. Loved your animated adaptation of keiko and dumborat's amazing audio series and can't wait to see it animated once more. As for the halloween submission, I would strongly suggest you do an animated version of rainbow factory! If you do Rainbow Factory will you use the music that's already on youtube or will you make your own score?