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Goodbye Newgrouds

2012-12-13 20:29:29 by MikeandTreyVideo

I technically said goodbye 6 months ago, but I neglected to make a post. But yeah, all my work from here on is going on deviantart and youtube only. My username on those sites is "ocarinaplaya" if you wish to look me up.

If you're curious as to why I'm leaving: I'm honestly tired of the kids on this site. It started off as a cool site where amateur animators could upload their work and get honest feedback and improve themselves. Now we have animators here that are way above average constantly out-shining everyone else. Their good animation skills have managed to spoil the kids that frequent this site and as a result those same kids keep comparing the works of the pros to whatever hapless flash they happen to be watching. Yes, it's that guy's first ever flash animation. Instead of offering helpful advice, all I see are generic youtube comments and unoriginal hate.

I'm done with it. I shan't read any comments once this is uploaded so feel free to say "we're better off without you" and "you're stuff wasn't even good" and whatnot. At least I can get constructive criticism on deviantart.


Goodbye Newgrouds


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2012-12-13 20:49:17

dude look at the scores of my art submissions. i still contact people privately for advice and feedback. who cares what trolls say


2012-12-13 20:52:32

Yeah man, they win if you leave.


2012-12-13 21:18:50

Don't leave us you wuss.


2012-12-13 21:25:40

You better keep making those Doctor Whooves flashes, though. They are good. I also wouldn't mind seeing another VG cats flash, even though I've only seen, like one or two. If you quit, the trolls will keep doing what they are doing without any regard to your departure. You think Youtube is any better? More than anything, it's worse! It's the most popular video site there is! If you leave to go to Youtube, then you will not see any letup of the same: more than anything, you will see more from assholes who don't even know what they are looking for!


2012-12-13 21:32:30

poopy poopy butt dix


2012-12-13 21:36:49

hate 2 lose so much talent, goodbye old friend....


2012-12-13 22:00:52

At first I was sad, then I realized you were a brony-fag. Now I don't care.


2012-12-13 22:04:06

On a less assholish side, how exactly is leaving Newgrounds for Youtube because of Youtube-esque comments exactly making any form of sense?


2012-12-13 22:49:47

Just posting to say "Hi"

Because you will come back to see these comments, anyone who explicitly feels the need to state that they "Won't be back to read the comments" always does exactly that.

I also got a heart laugh out of your Deviant Art comment. If by "constructive criticism" you mean rampant acceptance of mediocrity and circle-jerks, then yes you are correct. The YouTube diversion is so laughable that I needn't mention it. But, I wish you luck regardless.


2012-12-13 23:37:27

Wow, even though you won't read this you contradicted everything you said in your post.


2012-12-14 00:05:53

See ya next week!


2012-12-14 00:06:11

I'm leaving Newgrounds because my animations blow, and other people's animations are too well made. I miss the days when flash cartoons were crappy, now that they're not, i'm leaving


2012-12-14 01:22:33

You make an extremely good point, but we shall miss you!


2012-12-14 03:29:21

I'm sure you'll find an audience that will appreciate your fan art of a show for little girls elsewhere.


2012-12-14 03:47:15

"people on newgrounds act childish and don't provide constructive criticism so Im going to youtube and deviant art!"

you are setting yourself up for a world of disappointment


2012-12-14 05:39:59

Oh thank God, I really couldn't stand your VG Cat movies and Dr Whooves stuff.
DA and YT are full of mindless drones who lap up unoriginal stuff like this, so good move.


2012-12-14 06:36:30

I don't know you, but you're still gay.


2012-12-14 08:05:12

Ok, so what you're saying is:

Being an internet animator was fun when the standards were low, but now it's being taken seriously as a platform and people are actually pushing themselves and working hard to achieve good results. People who have worked hard have made work at standards closer to TV, film and the festival circuit, (a.k.a acceptable by real-world standards), and you consider these people to be 'way above average'.

As a result, people on Newgrounds are being more critical of your animations, by suggesting you push yourself harder and actually TRY to be good by some standard, rather than the now defunct e-card-of-babies-farting-in-a-bath standard, and you consider these critical comments suggesting you try harder "not constructive or critical enough" and "too Youtubey".

To resolve this, you will instead only post to Youtube, the home of all things Youtubey, and DeviantArt, the site which offers no critique and only meaningless niceties, complete with some little animated smilies hugging or on fire or some shit.

Somehow I don't think this will resolve the issue of "generic youtube comments" or "lack of helpful advice", nor do I think that's the real issue. I think this is actually all because DeviantArt and Youtube like 'My Little Pony' more, the franchise which all of your popularity hangs on. Which is important when the only appeal to your work is "it's more of that thing I already like", rather than having any merit of its own to stand on.

Also you missed out an 'N' in 'Newgrounds' and I bet your dick smells funny.


2012-12-14 10:33:14

"I can't upload here anymore.. the time it takes to upload and receive a little more attention is invading my forever alone time."


2012-12-14 11:12:29

I'm sorry MikeAndTrey but I completely disagree with you, but hear me out:

I think you've done some wonderful animations in the past, but I don't think you should judge the entire site based on a few people who frequent it and maybe review your work. I think your work is actually above average for the par and normally people just like animating stuff. It's actually easier to get things through the portal than you'd think. In fact some of your animations have tilted beyond the 100,000 view mark, an impressive feat.

That said I can only imagine that this is stemming from the lack of recent views or the feeling you aren't getting feedback. The point of animating is that it IS hard, and you will be critiqued, even to the point where some kid may say something stupid. Just ignore it and enjoy the site as it is, a place for animators to post their stuff and enjoy it with the rest of us.

Contrary to popular opinion, we don't all have time to review JUST your work. On deviant art you're only going to get overly positive opinions, but over time you'll feel like you haven't improved. On youtube, the same. You won't get that extra push, or the extra inspiration to do something extravagant. But at the same time, the site here is meant to be enjoyed. You don't HAVE to make something amazingly awesome. You can make something silly and quick. Something to make people laugh and cry.

I would fervently please ask you not to leave. Youtube itself will only fill the gap of your own ego. Here you can be challenged, which can't be said by the 'its all good' positive reinforcement fanatics of deviantart. The reason people may mock you is you're taking things way too seriously. We all DO enjoy your work, I'm sorry I didn't get to review yours at the time. Uploading here is insanely simple, and you get at least some feedback. Most people don't get to the stage you're at, so at least consider it as an alternative, so you can gather people from youtube,DA, and newgrounds so you can get differing opinions.


2012-12-14 11:15:24

Have fun with your ponies and cats then, don't let the door hit you on the way out.


2012-12-14 11:58:40

Bye, ocarinaplaya.
Nice to meet you...


2012-12-14 12:57:47

Another front page of farewells due to a lack of creative willpower.

Did you know einstein once said that repetition is one of the forms of insanity by definition "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"?


2012-12-14 14:11:43

you are leaving because people are becoming too good? Wait what?


2012-12-14 19:13:10

moar like "goodBAAAWWWWWWWW Newgrounds" amirite ROFL


2012-12-14 19:37:48

In hindsight, being so blatantly obvious how illogical was your "reason" to leave NG, for people who visit those sites, I can't really believe you left and accept that was your actual argument (as in being ridiculous, obviously). Kinda like trolling, or like someone hacked your account. ColonelHeinous and Aardvark pretty much said what needed to be so... And answers so far have been pretty nice!

Anyway, I'll truly miss your stuff at NG, and I follow too much crap in Youtube to add another channel XD.


2012-12-14 20:03:51

leaving because you are scared of comp? YOU my friend are the definition of an Average animator. Do it because you love it, not for others.


2012-12-14 20:31:57

I hate to quote 'them' but...

"And nothing of value was lost."


2012-12-14 20:46:26

Meh, worst day ovar. :(



2012-12-15 01:12:23

Constructive criticism on Devart? Oh come on...


2012-12-15 05:05:56

Most people who review things just say whether they liked it or not. That's not a Newgrounds thing, that's fuckin everywhere.

It happened because we've gone from 1 guy making things, to fucking EVERYONE making things.
So you don't get "WOW HOW DID YOU MAKE THIS BY YOURSELF? PICO'S SCHOOL OH MY GOD!" it's more like "thumbs up 5 stars" and on to the next 100 submissions.

That's the whole internet, that's where we are. If you want genuine critique then you'll have to make friends with talented people, the same way it works in real life.
I'm a little bit sad that this My Little Pony fanart guy has more fans than me.

+VidGameDude: no your thinking of that far cry dude. Einstein said e equals mc squared.


2012-12-15 05:20:42

oh and some of the best animators here have spent less, or as much, time animating as you have. They just got better by drawing frames over and over again while you wobbled n tweened other people's art around ya dumbass.
Harry Partridge and Redminus and James Lee didn't uncover the CHAMBER OF SECRETS, they just put out a bunch o crummy flash cartoons forever. Spazkid is 17- and I honestly feel bad letting you in on that, cos that is a fuckin PAINFUL REALISATION.
When you submitted your first cartoon, that dude was ELEVEN!!!!!!!


2012-12-15 09:02:41

Nothing worth saying that hasn't already been said.

THERE IS A WAY TO REVERSE THIS just say you were trolling and then BAM not only do you get to come back but you will also look really cool.


2012-12-17 00:55:27

Your stuff was good. Look at the scores of the haters below this. They're less than yours, so who's better???

What I dislike about Newgrounds is the crap that gets thru. Yes, it used to be that people were helpful and good things got thru and ok things got suggestions. Now, nothing gets blammed, like the floaters that just won't go down when you flush.

Yes, it's "funny" to get your friend's crappy flash thru, but it's destroying what was once a great site. Actually, that's not really funny at all.

Newgrounds has lost another of the good ones. How can TYom keep the site going when the good ones go and the bad ones stay?

The author won't read this. It's for you, Newgrounds.


2012-12-17 22:43:24

look this guy is my pal...

it is not really about the animators or someone else.

it is the fact that you guys do not appreciate HIS animation. he has his own style. if you do not like it then dont watch it and DEFINITELY DO NOT compare it to someone elses animation.

this is HIS animation,

not toms, not terminal montage not no one else. If you like HIS work then you do. tell him what you like about it. leave other animators out of it.

or is that hard for your brains to process?


2013-03-08 23:36:58

I've been a newgrounds client for ages, and I totally agree. Even some moderators act like kids (no offence any mod reading me, I had a bad experience once and I'm writing as if you were all like this). I think your work is great though! Spreading butter :D


2013-05-08 14:29:27

I agree with your Statement Newgrounds Has Not been the same.


2014-02-06 07:12:14

Deviantart isn't any better honestly.


2014-03-10 22:34:33

Are you going to do any more Dr Whooves & Assistant? :c


2014-04-09 19:10:05

NO, wait a minute man! Do not leave, as there are some childish people in this site, there are some other (animators or not) that are good, and will reply honestly your videos, you are just simple amazing man... I enjoy your work, and you will let me without concluding any of your masterpieces? That's a shame, this is why sometimes a popular website falls, because great human beings like you are wasted by spam comments or non sense reviews. In my opinion, you should keep animating, ignore those haters, if you value your work, it doesn't matter if Tom Fulp reviews your video as "stupid shit", you will continue, because you like it... That's all


2014-05-27 19:25:05

good riddance gay idiot!!!!!!!!! oh boo fucking hoo, people are starting to take flash animation seriously as an art form and are not sucking your dick and are giving you your honest opinion of your animations!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! SURELY THAT'S NOT BECAUSE YOUR FLASHES ARE GAY AND SHITTY AND GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SURELY THAT'S BECAUSE OF THE AUDIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAY IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck you


2014-07-01 22:02:52

please post a link to your deviant art.